How To Get The New Year You Want 

Happy New Year’s my friends; I have a few questions for you today.

How many times have you or someone you know lost the same ten pounds over and over again? Five, six, or even ten times, perhaps?

What about gym memberships – how many times have you joined one but never really got into the habit of going?

And then, there’s learning that new Spanish or French lesson. How many years in a row did you vow that this was the year you would learn a new language?

If this sounds familiar, listen up. And don’t feel bad, because you are not alone.

As a matter of fact according to a study by The University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 39% of people in their twenties achieve their resolution goals each year.

And, the number keeps decreasing with age. By the time you are in your fifties only 14% of people achieve their resolution goals each year.

So, why is this?

Well there are a few reasons:

  • We bite off more than we can chew and set goals that aren’t realistic. Essentially, we go from doing nothing to trying to do everything overnight.
  • We make promises based on other people’s beliefs. We worry too much about what other people are thinking instead of asking ourselves, what will make “me” happy?
  • We don’t have the right way of thinking. We have not made that inner shift.


Make 2013 Different  

  1. So, how do we make 2013 different?

    First – toss away the New Year’s resolutions and think about what you should be doing all year long. Real goals do not start on New Years. Real goals are with us daily.

    You need to identify your internal NEEDS. Not what others expect you should do – but what is going to make you happy.

    To do this, start with a vision board. Taking the time to actually cut out pictures of what you want your life to look like takes effort.  But, looking at this every day will keep your momentum going.

    Next - ask yourself why? That’s right; everything worth doing is first worth defending. So if you have a picture of yourself in a bikini – ask yourself, is it because you want to be skinnier than your sister – or is it because you want to be healthy for your children. The correct answer will determine your success.

    Lastly - keep a journal. Write down every success and every failure. Look for patterns.  It is only when you recognize what you are doing wrong that are you able to change your actions.

    It really is easier than everyone makes it out to be.

    Start small and have commitment to every action. Do not make excuses when you fail. Simply acknowledge it, determine why it happened and move on.

    Once you experience small victories, the large ones will follow.

    Give this a try instead of making dozens grandiose resolutions.

    Write to me and let me know how you are doing. I want to hear from you because I believe in you!

new year 2013


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Christmas sale

Did you know that the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is one of the busiest for retailers? Yes, even more so than the weeks leading up to Christmas. Why, well the nation’s retailers, hoping to get a last bite at the holiday season, are offering bargains, half-off deals and fresh promotions.

It’s also a shopper’s delight – with promotions ranging from red tag sales, white sales, clothing markdowns to discounted furniture. Here’s what you need to know…
1. What to look for

Typically, we all know that Christmas decorations are cheapest right after the holiday. But wrapping paper and snowmen aren’t the only markdowns you’ll find. Anything with a holiday theme – whether it’s perfume wrapped in holiday packaging or sweater’s with a Christmas tree pattern all goes on sale. Other things to look for:

  • Clothing – winter apparel, pajamas, denim
  • Toys – everything from video games and board games to popular LEGO sets and even baby toys
  • Holiday decorations – ornaments, lights, artificial trees, wreaths, stockings, tinsel, and mistletoe
  • Holiday food items – baking goods, anything in holiday-themed packaging
  • Tableware – holiday-themed plates, glasses, mugs, and serving sets
  • Electronics – namely brand-name HDTVs and laptops
  • Linens – look out for white sales at retailers like Macy’s and Sears

2. Where to shop

Most stores are in full swing with the post-Christmas sales, but aren’t seeing the traffic that they hoped for.

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Best Buy

Between Dec. 26 and Dec. 29, several HDTVs will be marked down, including the Samsung 46-inch LED 1080p HDTV for $579.99 (save $300), the Insignia 39-inch LCD 1080p HDTV for $279.99 (save $70), and the LG 24-inch LED 720p HDTV (save $50). There will also be markdowns on several laptops and a Kindle.


The retailer has deemed the seven days between Christmas and New Year’s Day “the week of wonderful.” Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find on sale.

Known as Macy’s biggest denim sale of the season, you’ll get a $10 savings pass with any denim purchase from brands including Levi’s Jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans, Buffalo, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. You’ll also find 25 percent off Style & co. jeans, and $39.99 Levi’s jeans for her and him (reg. $54-$58).

For home goods, you’ll find 60 percent off all quilts and flannel bedding. Pillows are buy one on sale, get an extra 50 percent off second pillow from Charter Club, Lauren Ralph Lauren Home, and more. Hotel Collection Microcotton bath towels are on sale for $9.99 (reg. $25).

In other categories ranging from decorations to clothing, shoppers will see more discounts, like 50 percent to 75 percent off holiday ornaments, dinnerware, candy, and cards. There’s also 25 percent off activewear; plus, an extra 20 percent off athletic shoes. You’ll find 50 percent off winter coats from DKNY, Tahari, Via Spiga, and more. There’s also a buy one, get one free deal for dress shirts and ties for him from Michael Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole Reaction, and more.


So, as you can see from the video, now is the time to buy!!

Sam’s Club

On Dec. 26, Sam’s Club members will see reduced pricing in-club on seasonal decor and giftables like gift baskets, housewares, and select appliances.


Members can visit www.samsclub.com/auctions to bid on a variety of gifts they may have wanted but didn’t receive. All bids start at just $1.

Sam’s Club Auctions features a wide variety of merchandise including electronics – TVs, cameras, and laptops – jewelry and accessories, sporting goods, toys, video games, and popular kitchen appliances like Kitchen Aid mixers. Christmas decor and similar items will likely be available on auctions in mid-January.

New items pop up every hour of the day, and all items are new and in original packaging. Membership is required to bid on items – but not required to look.

The Container Store and ContainerStore.com

All 58 stores and online will offer 30 percent off elfa – the store’s best-selling shelving and drawer system – and 30 percent off installation from Dec. 24 through Feb. 12.

Toys “R” Us and ToysRUs.com

The following deals and discounts will take place from Dec. 26 to Dec. 29:

Buy one get one 40 percent off deals for video games, movies (in-store only), and Skylanders figures and accessories.

Buy one get one 50 percent off deals for all LEGO City, Hero Factor, and Star Wars construction sets, Hasbro board games, Nerf items, Crayola arts and crafts, Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toys, and books.

All of the Toys “R” Us deals listed above require the item must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest-priced item purchased. Offers cannot be combined, and selection varies by store.


The retailer is offering 50 percent off select Christmas candy, toys, and seasonal decor. Kids and Baby Licensed Sleepwear starts at $6. The sale begins Dec. 26 and continues while supplies last.
3. Take advantage of gift cards and coupons

Got a gift card this holiday season? Use it on Dec. 26 when items are already marked down to maximize its value. And don’t forget that you might be able to use your gift card at other stores owned by the same parent company. Sam’s Club, for example, accepts Walmart gift cards.

Also check the Internet and circulars for coupons. When looking online, enter a search for [product name] + “coupon code” in your favorite search engine and see what comes up. Also check out sites like RetailMeNot.com, CouponCodes.com, Coupons.com, and the MoneyTalksNews Deals Page.

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Yesterday we talked about rewarding yourself each time you complete a goal. This is important to ward off burn out, and get some wins under your belt. Every time you hit a goal, celebrate. We left off talking about the importance of visualizing each goal whether large or small and writing down a clear concise outcome statement.

If you still haven’t completed yesterday’s assignment GO HERE


The only reason anyone ever experiences burn out is because of a lack of clarity in the vision of their outcome.


Remember that you can find all the steps we are following mapped out in detail in the 15k Formula.


Ok, as promised, here is the exact verbiage that 1 of the 2 founding members of Empower Network used after he closed his eyes and visualized his outcome statement. (This is what yesterday’s assignment should look like)

“I, David Wood, am sitting at my desk in the mountains of Portulon in my home in Costa Rica. The date is February 1st 2013 and I’ve just logged in to the admin area of Empower Network (you can insert the name of your company here) staring at my affiliate earnings from January 1st 2013 to January 31st 2013. As I refresh the screen I see in the month of January as an affiliate I’ve earned $553,000. I laugh softly, and as I do I see a black crow fly by. I feel the tropical wind brushing by on my face and I lift my eyes up feeling powerful and free. As I stare at the sunny crystal blue ocean and the horizon I think back over the last 3 months. I can’t believe how easy it was to earn $553,000 in a month. Now just to reward myself I’m paying for a property in Costa Rica just south of my current home that is 168,000 acres with cash so I can build my dream home on. At last, my family will be cared for, my hopes and dreams of helping others build a business while having a life is coming to pass”

Success failureDon’t take this exercise lightly. If you are serious about reaching your goals in 2013 close your eyes and visualize the end of your 90 days. It’s been noted that those who have done all the steps of this training have reached their goal and they consistently get the results they want. Those who want to make up their own rules before obtaining any kind of success will still not reach their income goals because their mind is not right. It is imperative that your mind set is clear and focused in order to organize the thoughts and ideas that will come through the visualization process. You have everything to gain by taking this simple step and giving your mind a road map to follow.


Be sure to review and read your Clear Outcome Statement as often as you need to, (even if it is several times a day). Each time you read your Clear Outcome Statement perform the exercise of closing your eyes and visualizing the end result. This is powerful!!


To get all the details for creating your own wealth goal using the ideas and techniques in this system click here.


Yesterday we talked about getting clear intentions for your income in 2013. There are 2 rules that MUST be followed at all times within your business.

  1. Set a clear intention for your outcome even if the “how to” for reaching that outcome isn’t completely clear.
  2. Take action before you even know what you are doing.


If you still haven’t completed yesterday’s assignment GO HERE


The people who achieve massive results believe in things before they exist.


To recap, ask yourself what income goal do you want to hit in 90 days? Stretch yourself, it must be $15,000 or more since we are following the plan mapped out in detail in the 15k Formula.


Ok, now that you have your number, why do you want that income amount? What purpose will it serve in your life? What is a reason to drive you to accomplish that income goal?


If you are not answering these questions right now, I will have to wonder if you are really serious about changing your life in 2013. Get off the insanity bandwagon and put some action behind the words you speak. Take 5 minutes to pick an income goal, why you want the money, and finally how you will recognize you achieved it.


In other words, what evidence is there going to be in your life to show that you have accomplished your outcome?


You all should have completed this during yesterday’s assignment. Today we will cover rewards. Now that you have achieved your goal, what are you going to give yourself for doing it? Will you take your family to a fancy restaurant, have a spa day, or buy new golf clubs? What will be your incentive for when times get rough and you want to quit? It is important to reward yourself for each little goal you reach in pursuit of the big goal. This will keep you motivated, especially when things just don’t seem to go your way at times.


My first reward is a 10-day cruise through Australia, then a Florida trip to Disney World with all the little people in my life.


Ok, this next step will weed out those of you who are going to reach your income goals of 15k or more per month from those of you that will continue to do what you have always done.


It’s important to be clear about what you want, why you want it, and what it will be like once you have it. Once you have clarity in the vision of your outcome, you will see that mountain moved on your behalf. This is accomplished through the power of visualization.



Look into the future 90 days. Let’s say you started January 1, 2013 and now it is April 1 and you are looking back at the last 90 days. Where are you, what are you wearing, what are you doing, what smells are in the air, what things surround you? How are you feeling when you just realized that for the first time in your life you finally believe that you really can do anything you put your mind to. Are you crying tears of joy, are you jumping, screaming, what is your reward?


This is CRITICAL, write down your outcome statement in the present tense, in first person and using all of your senses. Everything you just visualized put it to paper. Anybody who reads your statement should get a clear picture of your outcome goal.


Click the link for the actual visualization process used in the 15k Formula plan Empower Network.

Tomorrow I will give you an example of what this statement looks like and give you the final piece on getting clear about what you want.

To get all the details for creating your own wealth goal using the ideas and techniques in this system click here.


Have you ever wondered what your life would be like, if you had enough money to do the things you really want to do, instead of things you have to do? I was just pondering this question as yet another year is quickly coming to an end. What am I going to do differently right now that will propel me to continue in 2013? The first thought is to set a ridiculous income goal, why, because it’s stretching my comfort zone. Can I really make 15,000 a month in just 90 days? That’s my goal. Why 15k, well I first want to pay off my car, build 6 month emergency fund, then pay off my mortgages. I have no idea how I’m going to get this done, but the 90-day training I’m listening to guarantees to walk me step by step through the process.

I am ready to make a change, how about you? Join me in my 90-day quest, to create, to design and to live an extraordinary life. There are people who have escape the rat race, no more 2 hour commutes for me. I’m imagining what it will be like to actually pick my son up from school before the sun goes down, and still have enough day light hours to go to the park and spend some quality time together. But in order for me to be successful in my income goals, I have to ask myself the tough questions. What do I really want? What is it that you truly want? Come on do this with me, even if you are already making the income you desire, what is your next level? Push yourself.

Key to successI need you to take out a sheet of paper and ask yourself the tough question, in 2013 what do I want my life to look like?

The difference between success and failure is the OUTCOME!

Many of you are saying yes, I have heard this all before, set a goal, write it down, and review it often. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Well, did you actually take action and do it, or did you tell yourself you will do it later when you have all the pieces together?


Ok, I learned so far by listening to the 15k Formula Training, that there are 2 kinds of people that listen to or read any kind of training

  1. Those who listen and follow the instructions and take action when told to take action and they will perform all of the steps they are given, and they are the ones who will achieve the outcome that they desire.
  2. Then there will be those who don’t follow all of the steps and assignments and will only get minimal results or none at all.


 So if your page is still without at least one income goal for 2013 guess what number you are, (Hint: it’s not 1).

For those of us who have answered the question, “What do I really want?, we have taken the first step in actually reaching our goal. Congratulations, taking the first step and just doing something is the hardest.

The next thing we need to do is understand why we want to earn the income we put down. What do we plan to do with the money? Quit our jobs, pay off some bills, buy a car, house, or take vacations. What will you do? Go ahead take a few minutes and write down your why.

Now that we have our goal and our why, we need to establish what evidence we will need to know that we have accomplished the goal. My goal is to earn 15,000 in commissions from Empower Network using the plan laid out in the 15k formula. It is now April 1, 2013 and I am logged in my back office at Empower Network looking at my affiliate screen which reads that I have earned 15,884.32 in commissions from March 1 –March 31, 2013. What are you going to use? Bank account, cancelled check, etc. You have to have something to let you know you did it.

Join me tomorrow as I show you how to put this all together and rule our world in 2013. To get all the details for creating your own wealth goal using the ideas and techniques in this system click here.

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